So I’ve started this blog, but no-one knows about it.  Well I guess I will have to fix that.


What should I write here?  I usually have so much to say and have always moaned that no one listens to I have somewhere to rant and I am rant less.

This blog is supposed to be about my acting career.  OK well here goes.

Today I done some more editing on website, I have changed it so many times, different colors, text, images etc but I think this works better now.  Intend to continue adding some bits and pieces over the next week or so.  Not working at all at the moment so have lots of time to spend but to be honest I tend to leave all this stuff till late at night – like now!

Trying to get myself re-motivated for this business, last few months have been a real struggle.  The always present doubts that every actor has, some all the time, others from time to time, seemed to almost overbearing.  Confidence was at an all time low and if I’m honest, it is still hovering.  To try and combat this, I have tried to be proactive by working on website, postcards, business cards, submitting for lots of jobs paid and more so non-paid (the norm these days it would seem).  This has brought a short film role and I have been slightly motivated to continue writing the short film I started 6+ months ago.  So for now, gonna keep the ball rolling.  Got to believe it will happen.